International Society of Protein Termini

Welcome to ISPT!

ISPT is an inclusive international community of scientists with a shared interest in protein N-terminal and C-terminal modifications and their downstream effects on protein functions.

Our mission is to provide platforms for interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations, as well as strengthening the visibility of this growing scientific community. Our goals include promotion of science and research in the field of protein regulation via N- and C-termini and facilitating the international scientific exchange in the field of protein termini by organizing conferences, seminars and similar science-related events; and informing the international community of scientists on the scientific progress in N- and C-terminal modifications by holding presentations and issuing information material and scientific publications.

ISPT is a non-profit organization.

Some of our founders include:

Professor Thomas Arnesen, University of Bergen, Norway

Professor Carmela Giglione, French National Centre for Scientific Research, France

Professor Nico Dissmeyer, Leibniz Institute for Plant Biochemistry, Germany

Professor Anna Kashina, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Professor Yong Tae Kwon, Seoul National University, South Korea
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